Here we provide some useful links for your convenience and to ease your travel plans. Eat out, sleep over or enjoy the heritage. The area is a refuge for lovers of the outdoors, with its vast wildlife, unique flora and picturesque scenery.

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Upington International Airport

The closest airport to our main offices

Affordable, safe, fun to fly. A sleek, well-designed, two place RAF 2000 boasts sought-after standard features such as side by side seating, in-cabin heat, removable doors, full electronic trim, RAF 2000 will exceed your expectations. Read more here… (R2500 p/hr sight seeing over Upington)

We welcome you to come and stay at the unique + secluded Houseboat on the Majestic Orange River. Catered or self-catering, no smoking.. Read more here…

Accommodation in Upington: All rooms are equipped with a mini kitchenette including; a fridge, microwave, toaster, kettel, cutlery and coffee/tea making facilities. Read more here…

Intercape Upington Sleepliner

+27 60 473 8489

Come and experience the true magic. Enjoy 1½ hours of fantastic birding, total relaxation, good company, good music and soak up the Kalahari sun whilst drifting along the magnificent Orange River. Snacks and alcoholic beverages will be available during the cruise. Read more here…

Pair wine with one of our delicious platters & enjoy any occasion with friends and family.
Mon – Fr: 10:00 – 18:00 & Saturdays: 10:00 – 15:00 Read more here…

Distances between Parks


  • Kgalagadi -Upington [253km] -Keimoes [52km] -Calvinia [368km] -Tankwa [106km] = 779km
  • Kgalagadi -Upington [253km] -Keimoes [52km] -N14 Turn off [48km] -Springbok [287km] -N7 Turn off [82km] -Namaqua [21km] = 743km
  • Kgalagadi -Upington [253km] -Kimberley [405km] -Heuningneskloof [57km] -Mokala [21km] = 736km
  • Kgalagadi -Upington [253km] -Keimoes [52km] -N14 Turn off [48km] -Augrabies [28km] = 381km
  • Kgalagadi -Upington [253km] -Keimoes [52km] -N14 Turn off [48km] -Springbok [287km] -Steinkopf [49km] -Alexander Bay [178km] -Richtersveld [90km] = 957km


  • Richtersveld -Alexander Bay [90km] -Steinkopf [178km] -Springbok [49km] -Vanrhynsdorp [280km] -Calvinia [121km] -Tankwa [106km] = 824km
  • Richtersveld -Alexander Bay [90km] -Steinkopf [178km] -Springbok [49km] -N7 Turn off [82km] -Namaqua [21km] = 420km
  • Richtersveld -Steinkopf [268km] -Springbok [49km] -N14 Turn off [287km] -Keimoes [48km] -Upington [52km] -Kimberley [405km] -Turn off [57km] -Mokala [21km] = 1187km
  • Richtersveld -Alexander Bay [90km] -Steinkopf [178km] -Springbok [49km] -N14 Turn off [287km] -Augrabies [28km] = 632km


  • Augrabies -N14 Turn off [28km] -Keimoes [48km] -Calvinia [372km] -Tankwa [106km] = 554km
  • Augrabies -N14 Turn off [28km] -Springbok [287km] -N7 Turn off [82km] -Namaqua [21km] = 418km
  • Augrabies -N14 Turn off [28km] -Keimoes [48km] -Upington [52km] -Kimberley [405km] -Heuningneskloof [57km] -Mokala [21km] = 611km


  • Mokala -Heuningneskloof [21km] -Britstown [198km] -Calvinia [406km] -Tankwa [106km] = 731km
  • Mokala -Heuningneskloof [21km] -Kimberley [57km] -Upington [405km] -Keimoes [52km] -N14 Turn off [48km] -Springbok [287km] -Turn off [82km] -Namaqua [21km] = 973km


  • Namaqua -N7 Turn off [21km] -Vanrhynsdorp [192km] -Calvinia [121km] -Tankwa [106km] = 440km